The most Instagrammable places in Barbados highlight the island’s natural formations, pristine beaches, and historical landmarks. Surrounded by the Caribbean Sea’s pristine waters, it’s a great destination for those who want to see what life’s like in the Caribbean. It’s home to 8 Cultural Heritage Conservation Areas, parks, botanical gardens, and a nature sanctuary.

    Wherever you go in Barbados, you’re bound to find plenty of picturesque locales. Whether you’re exploring popular tourist destinations or discovering the island country’s hidden gems, Barbados has no shortage of stunning views and attractions. We’ve rounded up our favourite Instagrammable places in Barbados, all of which make excellent reminders of your time on the Caribbean island.


    Animal Flower Cave

    Enjoy breathtaking ocean views

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    The Animal Flower Cave draws you in with its interesting natural formations and beautiful ocean views. Located at the northernmost point of Barbados, the cave is considered the only sea cave that’s accessible to visitors and locals on the island.

    It’s famous for its abundance of sea anemones – from which it gets its name – found in the cave’s pools. When exploring the Animal Flower Cave, you’ll be able to take in spectacular ocean views through its various openings. After a day of swimming and exploring, you can stop by at a nearby clifftop bar and restaurant, which also offers amazing views of Barbados’ northern coast.

    Locatie: North Point, Conneltown, Barbados

    Openingstijden: Daily from 11 am to 3.30 pm

    Telefoonnummer: +1 246-439-8797


    Cherry Tree Hill

    Unwind while surrounded by panoramic views

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    Cherry Tree Hill stands 850 ft above sea level, offering an expansive view of Barbados’ so-called ‘Scotland District.’ It also hosts St. Nicholas Abbey, which was built in 1658. The story goes that the road leading up to the hill was once lined with an abundance of cherry trees.

    Today, the road going up Cherry Tree Hill is lined with mahogany. When you descend the hill, you’ll pass an expanse of sugar cane. While you're there, be sure to stop by the abbey's great house and visit the onsite rum distillery.

    Locatie: Cherry Tree Hill, St. Peter, BB 26007 Barbados, West Indies

    Openingstijden: Thursday from 10 am to 3.30 pm, Friday–Monday from 9.30 am to 2.30 pm (closed on Tuesdays)

    Telefoonnummer: +1 246-422-5357


    St. Nicholas Abbey and Steam Railway

    Spectacular hilltop views via a fun train ride

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    St. Nicholas Abbey is a historic site dating back to 1658. It’s known for being 1 of the only 3 genuine Jacobean mansions in Barbados. You can join a tour of the great house to take in its iconic architecture and period furniture.

    You can also explore an onsite rum distillery and steam mill, both of which still operating. It’s a great place to learn how the St. Nicholas Abbey Rum is produced. Take a journey through time with a ride on the Abbey’s Heritage Railway, which has a steam locomotive that passes through the plantation.

    Locatie: Cherry Tree Hill, St. Peter, BB26007, Barbados

    Openingstijden: Monday from 10 am to 5 pm, Friday–Sunday from 9.30 am to 5 pm (closed Tuesdays to Thursdays)

    Telefoonnummer: +1 246 572 1999, +1 246 572 1998, or +1 246 572 1996


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    Bathsheba Beach

    Dip your feet into soft sand and pristine water

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    Bathsheba is a surfer’s paradise, with dramatic rock formations and sandy beaches fronting the North Atlantic Ocean. One of the village’s most popular sites is Bathsheba Beach, which has rich yellow ochre sand and expansive views.

    Bathsheba is a great location, particularly if you’re looking to catch extraordinary sunrises. Surfers and thrill-seekers will also have something to look forward to when visiting Bathsheba Beach. Note that the place isn’t recommended for casual or average swimmers due to its powerful waves.


    Farley Hill National Park

    A great place to relax away from the beach

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    The Farley Hill National Park was once the site of Farley Hill House, a mansion built in the 1800s to entertain royalty. While the mansion was destroyed by a fire in 1965, the hill has since been designated by the Barbadian government as a national park.

    You can relax under the shade of mahogany trees or simply enjoy panoramic views of the Atlantic coast. Thanks to its breathtaking scenery, the Farley Hill National Park has become a popular spot for picnics and weddings. It’s also a prominent venue for musical and theatrical events, with the ruins of the Farley Hill House serving as a unique background for its stage.

    Locatie: Highway 2, Benny Hall, Barbados

    Openingstijden: Daily from 8.30 am to 4.30 pm

    Telefoonnummer: +1 246-258-3525


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    Harrison’s Cave

    Explore one of the island’s natural treasures

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    Harrison’s Cave takes you on an adventure beneath the surface. Dubbed as one of the ‘Seven Wonders of Barbados,’ this limestone cave has stalagmites and stalactites that are thousands of years old, as well as natural pools filled with crystal-clear water.

    You can join its signature tram tour to explore the extensive cave systems. Exhibits and interactive displays let you learn more about Harrison’s Cave and the structures found within. If you want to walk around the caves, wearing appropriate footwear is essential.  

    Locatie: Allen View, Barbados

    Openingstijden: Friday–Sunday from 8.30 am to 4.30 pm (closed Mondays to Thursdays)

    Telefoonnummer: +1 246-417-3700


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    North Point

    Get lost in natural and manmade attractions

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    North Point offers unforgettable views of the Atlantic Ocean, as well as one of Barbados’ most unique natural formations. A must-visit is the Animal Flower Cave, which is known for its large colony of sea anemones and cave openings that act as windows to scenic ocean views. If you’re lucky, you may even get the chance to spot whales.

    Make sure to stop by North Point Lighthouse, in St. Lucy. While it’s no longer in operation, it still makes for an imposing figure in photos. While you’re there, don’t forget to check out the ruins of the lightkeeper’s quarters.

    Locatie: 89MP+R4P, Flatfield, Barbados


    Rihanna Drive

    Discover the childhood home of music icon Rihanna

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    Rihanna Drive is a popular stop for fans of the popular Barbadian artist. You can make your way through 2 rows of houses to find Rihanna’s childhood home, which is a green-and-yellow bungalow. Rihanna Drive showcases a street sign and a monument that lists the star’s many achievements.

    Rihanna Drive was formerly known as Westbury New Road, a quiet road that houses 2 rum shops. It provides a glimpse into the pop superstar’s humble beginnings. As a part of her personal ‘ritual,’ it’s said that Rihanna visits her home a couple of times a year.

    Locatie: 495H+F6W, Bridgetown, Barbados


    Carlisle Bay

    Experience what nature has to offer

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    Carlisle Bay is a natural crescent-shaped harbour on Barbados’ west coast.  It offers outdoor activities for just about everyone, including families and adventure seekers. Here, you have a chance to spot a variety of marine animals while swimming in the calm water.

    Carlisle Bay’s clean surroundings are great for kayaking, horseback riding, and boat rides. It also has 6 shipwrecks, making it a great spot for snorkelling and scuba diving. After a day in the ocean, you can enjoy a relaxing break at Bridgetown’s many beach bars and restaurants. 


    Queen's Street

    Take in the street’s colourful buildings

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    Queen's Street is a picturesque thoroughfare in Speightstown, located on the northwest coast of Barbados. Go for a stroll to find yourself surrounded by colourful buildings and several local establishments, including bars, restaurants, and a gallery.

    A must-see is the Speightstown Mural, which depicts the history of Barbados on an 80-ft-long wall. You can also find sidewalk vendors selling a variety of goods, from fresh produce to fish. Queen's Street is close to several relatively untouched beaches, where you can enjoy some well-deserved time off.

    Locatie: Queen’s St., Speightstown, Barbados


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