Snowdonia National Park brings many outdoor adventurers to try activities like mountain biking, climbing and hiking, especially with summit trails like the Llanberis Path and Miners' Track. The extensive network of trails in the park offers spectacular scenery, including waterfalls, lakes and lush valleys, and varying degrees of difficulty. Whether you need a relaxing walking trail or prefer the challenge of steep inclines, scrambles and narrow ridges, you can enjoy a memorable day in nature with the 10 best hiking trails in Snowdonia National Park.


    Cadair Idris Circular Walk

    Wander through a nature reserve

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    The Cadair Idris Circular Walk is a loop track that travels through the Cadair Idris Nature Reserve and its many natural wonders. The moderate trail passes by a glistening stream, the Llyn Cau lake and the Craig Cau crags. Though the trail has a few steep and slippery areas, it’s well marked and offers spectacular views of the peak’s surroundings. Along with hiking, many visitors come to the trail for shorter nature walks to see wildflowers and excellent birdwatching opportunities.


    Llanberis Path

    Hike the trails to Allt Moses

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    The Llanberis Path is an easy and popular hiking route to reach the summit of Snowdon and see the landscape along the way. You can find the trailhead from just about anywhere in Llanberis and begin the climb, which is the steepest part of the hike. The path is clearly marked and easy to follow, so you can take in the surroundings. At Allt Moses, the trail becomes steeper and more difficult, so you can catch a train and finish the walk to the summit from Clogwyn. After that point, some highlights along the way include the Bwlch Glas Standing Stone and Crib Goch.


    Miner's Track

    Enjoy lakefront scenery near Snowdon

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    The Miners' Track is a straightforward, easy path to Snowdon that varies in difficulty and offers incredible views along the way. The route begins at Pen y Pass and travels on unpaved roads to Yr Wyddfa. When you reach Glaslyn lake, you can stop for a break and see the lovely views of the water and crags. From there, the trail gets rougher and steeper until Bwlch Glas. Stone markers lead the way to the Llanberis Path and Snowdon Ranger Pass to approach the summit.


    Llyn Idwal Trail

    See the wild Carneddau ponies

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    The Llyn Idwal Trail is a moderate loop trail that passes a glistening lake near Llanberis and other natural wonders, including feral ponies. The trail passes through the gorgeous Ogwen Valley for stunning landscape views and many opportunities for alternate pathways to take in the scenery. Many visitors to the trail also encounter the wild Carneddau ponies, a herd of semi-feral ponies believed to date back to the Bronze Age, that roam the landscape. After the hike, you can stop in the local cafe for refreshments.


    Glyder Fawr

    Challenge your hiking skills

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    Glyder Fawr and the Glyder Fach Circuit is a loop trail that travels near a lake and around the Glyder Fawr peak of the Glyderau range. The peak also has connecting walking and scrambling routes if you want to reach the summit. Best for experienced hikers, the path has treacherous areas and isn’t well marked, so it can be easy to lose your way. Some of the scree areas have alternate routes that are more comfortable. No matter the path you take, you can get breathtaking landscape views on the trail.


    Snowdon Horseshoe Circular Walk

    Experience some bouldering to the summit

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    The Snowdon Horseshoe Circular Walk is a loop trail that’s a challenging hike but provides beautiful landscape, valley and lake views. Ideal for nice weather without rain, snow or ice, the hike involves knife-edge ridges and bouldering and requires comfort with heights, but it provides some of the best scenery of all the Snowdonia National Park hiking areas. Though only experienced hikers should attempt the Snowdon Horseshoe Circular Walk, it presents exciting challenges and a sense of accomplishment upon reaching the Snowdon summit.


    Pyg Track

    Enjoy an exhilarating hiking experience

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    Pyg Track offers a short but challenging low-elevation hike with steep and rocky areas in addition to well-marked, straightforward paths that include many excellent views along the way. Rain, snow and ice can make the rocky areas more treacherous, so it’s best to attempt the hike early in the day and on sunny days. Some areas require scrambling and involve knife-edge ridges with straight drop-offs. At the end, you can treat yourself to coffee or tea in the cafe.


    Aber Falls Circular Walk

    Hike to a scenic waterfall

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    The Aber Falls Circular Walk is an incredible loop trail with a scenic waterfall and easy trail areas with opportunities for other outdoor fun. Though it can get boggy near the falls, the pathway is suitable for all skill and fitness levels. During the hike, you’ll see pristine country fields and coastal views of Anglesey and the bay. If steep areas are a concern, the waypoint that leads to Rhaeadr Fach along the North Wales path is more comfortable for inexperienced hikers.


    Swallow Falls Loop

    Hike through a lush canopy to a cascading waterfall

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    The Swallow Falls Loop is an out-and-back trail near Llanrwst that is rated as moderately difficult. The entire trail encompasses roughly 5.3 miles (10.6 miles round trip) and leads you though the deep green canopy of Gwydir Forest to a cascading waterfall that empties into a rushing stream. The falls are rated as among the highest continuous waterfalls in all of Wales. It's popular among hikers, runners, cyclers and those who are interested in wildlife viewing or just nature trails. Parking is available just off of the A5 along Forest Road to get you started!


    Watkin Path

    Experience a day in nature

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    The Watkin Path is a popular trail that offers scenic views and a few steep areas for more adventure and challenges on the way up to Snowdon. Beginning as an intended donkey track, the Watkin Path begins closer to sea level and ascends more than the other Snowdon summit routes. The path begins in ancient woodlands and passes a stunning scenic waterfall before entering into Bwlch Ciliau and Wr Wyddfa. Along the way, you’ll see many waterfalls along the river for a break to take in the scenery.


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