Gothenburg is a bustling city with lots to see and do, but it's also home to many beautiful beaches where you can disconnect and take a dip. You'll find plenty of beautiful bathing spots to discover both in and around the city.

    A wide range of beaches awaits you in Gothenburg, from shallow sandy beaches for an energising swim to tranquil lakes where you can listen to birdsong or the wind in the trees. Take your pick between bathing spots in the heart of the city or sweep yourself off to a craggy island in the archipelago.


    Centenary Park (Jubileumsparken)

    Celebrate the city’s history with a swim

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    Centenary Park (Jubileumsparken) at Frihamnen port is the freshest oasis in town. The park was designed and built to celebrate the city's 4th centenary and features a heated pool where you can enjoy a comfortable swim right on the banks of the Göta älv river which runs through the city.

    The park makes for the perfect place to bathe and relax after a shopping spree, given its location in the Frihamnen area, just over a mile away from the city's main shopping arteries. And if you feel like more than just swimming lengths in the pool, take yourself into the heat of the sauna and work up a sweat before plunging back in to cool down.

    Locatie: Frihamnen 7, 417 55 Gothenburg, Sweden

    Telefoonnummer: +46 790 169592


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    Enjoy a sandy beach and fantastic bathing pier

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    Askimsbadet is the place to go for shallow bathing waters where the entire family can cool off on a hot summer's day. Stroll all the way out to the end of the 259 metre long pier before casting yourself into the water.

    The beach is conveniently located to the south of Gothenburg and easily reached by bus for a full day of entertainment. There's a miniature golf course and a beach volleyball court, not to mention some excellent barbecue spots where you can grill up your own grub for a waterside snack before heading home.

    Locatie: Hults sörgårdsväg, 436 45 Askim, Sweden



    Coastal quaintness at the edge of the city

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    Saltholmen is the perfect destination if you want to enjoy the archipelago and all that it has to offer but without hopping on a boat or straying too far. The popular swimming spot can be reached in just 30 minutes by tram from the inner city and once on the peninsula, you can make your way to the island of Aspholmen for a refreshing dip in the brisk waters of West Sweden. Clamber down over the rocks or use one of the many ladders that you'll find available.

    The swimming spot is located close to the ferry terminal so you will be able to watch how the archipelago boats berth at the quay at the same time as you soak in the sun-kissed water.

    Locatie: Saltholmsgatan 82, 426 76 Västra Frölunda, Sweden


    Näset Beach

    Relax on a sandy beach or shimmering rock

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    Näset Beach is a fantastic spot for families with its wide sandy shore and shallow waters. The beach is located in southern Gothenburg and most easily reached by car. Walk along the rocks until you find yourself at some jetties with ladders where you can lower yourself down into the invigorating waters.

    If you're not a natural-born water baby, soak up some rays on the concrete deck by the water or simply stroll around and enjoy that calming sea air which feels practically exotic among all those high trees and craggy rocks. When your tummy starts to rumble, you'll find a local spot nearby serving food or simply enjoy a picnic on the sand.

    Locatie: Näsets badväg, 421 66 Västra Frölunda, Sweden


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    Smithska Udden

    Freshen up at a sun-kissed cape

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    The cape of Smithska Udden is located at the most southerly tip of the Näset area in south west Gothenburg and is a popular bathing spot with families. Here you can jump into the water from cliffs or jetties.

    Shake off the picnic blanket and lay out a spread for you and your friends on one of the many grassy areas nearby, or take the kids to the playground for an afternoon of fun and adventure. Or if you feel like indulging your natural side, head to the south west part of the cape where you'll find a popular nudist bathing spot.



    Enjoy fresh air and water close to the city

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    Delsjön lake is a fantastic destination for those who are drawn to the great outdoors. Despite its convenient location just over 3 miles away from Gothenburg Central Station, the area is abound with natural beauty and offers beaches, rocks and jetties by the water.

    Combine an invigorating swim with a leisurely stroll through the green and leafy surroundings. Take a route through the forest or simply listen to the birds chirping above you and the wind rattling in the trees. Or if you feel like upping the pace a little bit, there are possibilities to go canoeing or mountain biking as well.

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    Bergsjön Lake

    Walk through the forests and swim in the lake without leaving the city

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    Bergsjön Lake is a leafy and tranquil swimming spot which can be easily reached from the city centre. Simply hop on the tram and enjoy the tranquillity of both the forest and lake without having to venture too far away from the city and all its amenities. The bathing area is located at an elevated spot where you will find rocky beaches, jetties and diving towers.

    After your dip, take a walk in the surroundings or let the kids run wild in the playground before you get back on the tram and return to the bustle of the city.


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    Fiskebäcksbadet Beach

    Soak in the water and watch the boats go by

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    Fiskebäcksbadet Beach is a nice bathing spot right next to a little marina, so if you enjoy watching yachts and pleasure craft then this is the place for you. The beach is located in the neighbourhood of Fiskebäck and is most easily reached by car if you are travelling from central Gothenburg.

    If you want a little privacy, you can find your own rock to jump into the water from, or join the crowds along the beach and the jetty if you prefer. You can bring along your own pack lunch to enjoy on the sand or buy something from the nearby kiosk or café.

    Locatie: Hälleflundregatan 103, 426 58 Västra Frölunda, Sweden


    Hovås Open-Air Bath House (Hovås Kallbadhus)

    Enjoy a hearty lunch after your swim

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    Hovås Open-Air Bath House (Hovås Kallbadhus) is a charming bath house where you can swim all year round. In the summertime, there is a well-kept beach and in the winter, if you're feeling brave enough, you can heat up in the sauna before plunging yourself into the cold water for a brisk winter dip that will reinvigorate both body and soul.

    The charming spot is located 12 miles south of central Gothenburg and has a restaurant where you can enjoy a filling lunch and a moment of relaxation after your swim.

    Locatie: Hovås Kallbadhus, Fjordvägen 51, 436 50 Hovås, Sweden

    Telefoonnummer: +46 31 3607070


    Brännö Ramsdal Beach

    Head out into the archipelago and swim among the islands

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    Brännö Ramsdal Beach is a nice spot where you can enjoy a swim in the archipelago. Take the ferry from Gothenburg to Husvik on the island of Brännö and you will find Brännö Ramsdal Beach just 500 metres away.

    Hop into the water from a rock or gently wade your way in from the sandy beach or the jetty. Or, if you'd rather hit the water with a little more adrenaline in your blood, there's a diving tower you can jump from.


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