Les Artisanales du Vieux Port, or the Craft Market in the Old Port, is a vibrant open-air market offering local culture, produce and handcrafted, unique items. It's most active in the summer but is open year-round. Here, you can find Christmas ornaments in the summer, produce and craft foods and traditional arts and crafts handmade from locally sourced supplies.

It's all situated along the Old Port, where the history of Marseille has been written for over 2,600 years. You can find just about any kind of good, craft, souvenir, gift or food item you want here while surrounded by history and atmosphere.

Highlights of Les Artisanales du Vieux Port

The Old Port itself is a major highlight of Les Artisanales du Vieux Port. This historic location along the waterfront has seen the history of Marseille develop over millennia. Just steps away from the market, you can see the commandery of the Knights Templar or ride a ferry boat with a legacy dating to Marcel Pagnol.

Of course, the market is the main draw, and you can find just about everything here. Artisans at dozens of booths offer handcrafted soaps, santons, locally sourced honey, artefacts made from olive wood out of the Holy Land, colourful textiles and clothing and so much more.

Good things to know about Les Artisanales du Vieux Port

One of the most interesting things about Les Artisanales du Vieux Port is that it's not always held in the same place! Usually, it can be found along the Quai du Port in the Marseille city centre, but depending on the day of the week, it might float to a different location along the Old Port, so be sure to check ahead of your visit.

The market is a welcoming place, but it can get crowded, and for those with mobility issues, the stalls could be a bit high. It's a good idea to leave your pets at home when you visit here, though service animals are welcome.

Les Artisanales du Vieux Port

Locatie: Quai du Port, 13002 Marseille, France